4 Stylish Ideas for Decorating with Gray

Not too long ago, white, brown, and beige were considered the neutrals du jour. Back then, gray was considered boring and somewhat dreary. Today, however, gray is taking a hold on the home decor market.

Here are some stylish ideas for decorating with gray.


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If you are tired of having plain, white walls, consider painting the walls gray instead. This will make your home look simple, clean, and modern. It can make an attractive statement without shouting.

You can choose to paint the walls dark or light gray. A dark hue can eat up a lot of light in the space, but it can add instant elegance to your bedroom. Counteract the darkness by painting the trim and ceiling white.

Gray and white works well together. But if not done right, the room can look flat and boring. If you want to add maximum excitement to an otherwise neutral room, try playing with colors. Set off the sizzle with red. Placing a red pillow on the bed is enough to spice things up without going overboard. We also recommend adding sparkling elements such as a chandelier for a clean, sophisticated vibe.

Living room

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Gray, when combined with sophisticated styling and classic details, is the epitome of elegance. Create some serious wow factor by combining contemporary gray interiors with luxe fabrics, and deep hues. Don’t forget to add a little bling to create a modern yet sophisticated look.


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If your bathroom is quite small, then we suggest painting the walls white to make it appear larger. If you really want to use gray in the bathroom, you may do so by opting for a medium or dark gray vanity. Installing patterned flooring is also a good idea as it can add character and personality to the room.

Make sure that there is a nice balance between light and dark. The combination of white and gray will create a cool, calm, and sophisticated feel.


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One of the most common reasons why homeowners choose gray as their color palette is because of its versatility. Gray is considered neutral and can work well when combined with other colors. You can complement it with a contrasting hot and bold hue such as yellow, orange or red and it will look rocking.

If you want to maintain a neutral kitchen, use contrasting neutrals. Think white and charcoal gray or beige and gray. White walls with charcoal gray cabinets will make the colors pop.