Invest in your future! Buy Real Estate – Make Money

Is it really that simple?   Yes and No

The words sound easier than the actual adventure. However, the rewards can be financially rewarding if you plan, purchase, and manage your investment with a with a solid “Investment Strategy.  Your challenge is to choose a good solid property, incredible location and a positive cash flow. What are the deciding factors when choosing an investment property to become your profitable pot of gold and not your Achilles heal of life? How will your chosen property compare to the commonly used guidelines? As with any investment; your time, your emotional security, your investments in stocks and bonds you have to count the cost, and evaluate the profitability of your choice compared to the effort, time and money you will be expending.

There are some very simple rules in purchasing an investment property, if they are followed, you can accomplish all of the above. You will need to give careful consideration to your “Investment Strategy.” Your investment strategy is, a plan that balances returns available with risks that must be taken in order to enhance the investor’s overall welfare.


After 20 years of experience providing real estate services there are still two moments that make my toes tingle and reaffirm to me that I Love My Job. The first is when I know that a family has purchased their dream home or a home that they thought would never be possible. The second is when I help a family or an investor build their wealth through real estate investment.

There are endless opportunities when investing in real estate, a few of which are:

  • Buy with a 3.5% FHA loan – 2 years later refinance & buy a 2nd multi-unit with 3.5%
  • Live-in for 2 years – rent for 3 years- sell within 5 years = Pay no Capital Gains
  • Retirement? Purchase with a Reverse Mortgage and collect rents
  • Plan for the future (Buy & live-in, follow your career & have a Colorado
  • home to return

Once you have purchased and seasoned your investment you have many new opportunities for building wealth such as:

  • Condo the units and increase profits
  • Buy a Victorian or Denver Square that is divided into units and restore to a single family
  • 1031 Exchange – Defer Capital Gains – More buying power

My job as your Real Estate Partner is to help you find the best property to accomplish your short and long term goals. I am with you from start to finish; purchase, management to build wealth, and helping you increase your portfolio.

Let’s Get Started

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