Do you and your kids always have a hard time deciding which pumpkin to purchase at Halloween? I can never decide between the short fat one and the tall skinny one, or the great big one and the little cute one. They all have such great character and I can always envision what sort of spooky face I would carve into each one.
Well I’ve finally decided that I’m not going to buy just one pumpkin and you shouldn’t either. There are so many imaginative things you can create—one pumpkin just won’t do. So rather than simply carving one or two and placing them by the front door, this year, we created an exciting and striking porch, driveway and sidewalk display with a variety of jack-o-lanterns.
With an assortment of kitchen tools you can create unique shapes, ghostly silhouettes and spooky-faced jack-o-lanterns that will have all of your trick-or-treaters saying WOW! With a bit of creativity and a lot of elbow grease, you and your kids can have a fun filled day creating and carving the best pumpkin display in your neighborhood.
Materials needed

  • A variety of pumpkins or acorn squashes1 6-inch terra cotta pot
  • Serrated knifets
  • Drill with drill bits
  • Apple corer, carrot peeler, melon baller
  • Wide spoon
  • Pen
  • Twine
  • Votive candles
Step by step 
Hanging Luminaries
1. Take your acorn squash and cut around the cap at an angle to create the lid. Next, gut the squash as you would a pumpkin.
2. Next, carve your designs. You can carve different faces or a variety of shapes such as stars, squares, triangles, stripes and polka dots into each squash. The possibilities are endless.
3. Once you’ve finished gutting and carving your squash, drill two holes on both sides of the squash just below the cap. Thread your twine into the hole and knot it on the inside.

4. Insert your candle and hang your jack-o-lanterns from your front porch at varying heights or in a tree in your yard. You can also decorate your patio or porch with these unique creations.

Silhouette jack-o-lanterns
1. Draw an image onto your pumpkin with a pen. Next, take your melon baller or carrot peeler and carefully dig out shallow sections of pumpkin skin making sure not to pierce all the way through.

2. Every few minutes, put a lit candle or flashlight into the pumpkin to see how brightly the silhouette glows. In areas that aren’t glowing enough, continue to gently scrape away the meat of the pumpkin until you are happy with the illumination.

3. When you are satisfied with the glow, carve a small opening in the back of the pumpkin so the candle flame can get enough oxygen to stay lit*#151;it will depend on the size of your pumpkin. Begin with one small hole and light your candle. If the candle’s flame is weak, enlarge your opening or carve another. You may want to create holes in the cap as well or choose not to place the cap on the pumpkin while the candle is lit.

Use a variety of shapes and faces when you carve this year’s jack-o-lanterns

Nothing says Halloween quite like ghosts, goblins and glowing jack-o-lanterns. The ritual of carving the annual pumpkin is just about as much fun as eating the candy! This year, take that tradition one step further and make our jack-o-luminaries. You can line your driveway, front sidewalk and porch railing, or even hang them from a tree in your yard. With all of the “jacks-o-glow,” the neighborhood trick-or-treaters will flock to your house—the most “spooktacular” on the block.
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