Decorating Ideas for a Small Balcony

small-balcony-design-ideas1Living in the city, the balcony may be the only place where you can relax under the sun and enjoy some fresh, natural air without leaving your apartment.

Despite the small space, ideas on decorating your balcony are endless. If you are short on ideas, check out the ideas presented below to inspire you with your balcony decoration. With some clever planning, you can successfully transform your balcony into a space that you’ll truly enjoy and be proud of.

Breakfast nook

Small balcony decorating should be practical and comfortable. If you are an alfresco diner, then investing on a sturdy outdoor dining setting would be a great idea. Use your balcony as a breakfast nook and enjoy the great outdoors while eating your meals.

Go green

If you wish to transform a small space into a wonderland for the senses, we suggest using some fragrant plants like honeysuckle, lavender, mint, jasmine and gardenia. In a small space like the balcony, using plants that smell really good can make the experience that much richer.

For a fluttery fauna visit every now and again, consider plants that attract butterflies.

Creative privacy

If you are the type of person who chooses to curl up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea, you might want to consider using your outdoor space for this very purpose. Hang a screen or plant bamboo on the balcony to create some green space and give yourself some privacy.

Grow a kitchen garden

Add life to your outdoor space with a container garden. With the balcony’s small space, you really need to consider your choice of plants carefully.

If you are planning to start a garden, you might want to consider growing a kitchen garden for herbs, and some vegetables. All you need is a big container, potting soil and the sun. It doesn’t require much space. Plus, you’ll reap the rewards once the plants bear fruit.