How to Sell Your House to Millennials

Millennials are growing up, settling down and looking to buy their first home.  According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, millennials represent the largest share of homebuyers at 34%. They are dominating the housing market in many parts of the country.

If you are planning to sell your home, consider marketing it to this generation. Use these tips to ensure that your home will appeal to millennials.

Create an online listing

Once upon a time, home buyers would browse through the newspapers to check out the listing books in real estate offices in the hopes of finding their dream home. Today, however, homebuyers start their search online.

Millennials grew up with technology. They rely on their smartphones on almost everything. They use it for ordering food or hailing a cab. They also plan on using it for looking for their future home. They want to be able to view homes, communicate with the listing agent, and make an offer with their fingertips. Also, make sure that you include good quality photos with your listing. They want to see what the house looks like. This way, they can decide whether or not the property is worth considering.

Make sure the house is move-in ready

Millennials are in search of homes that are move-in ready and fully updated. Due to the increase in student loan debt and stagnating wages, many of them don’t have enough money left to handle repairs and home improvement projects after closing. As such, they

If you want to meet or exceed a millennial’s expectations, you need to deliver a move-in ready home. Staging is also of great importance. They want something that resembles homes that are featured in magazines.

Location matters

Location is an important consideration when buying a house. Millennials want to live in a house that is close to the things they want to do and also close to their work. Research shows that 65% choose the location of their future home based on how far it is from their workplace. They want to be close to work to save on travel expenses and commute time.

More than the perfect home, many of them are in search of the perfect neigborhood. This is especially true for those with children. If your house is near schools, park or playgrounds, be sure to mention it. They are more likely to consider your home if the neighborhood is suited to what they are looking for.