Cheap and Cheerful Ways to Update Your Kitchen

A good kitchen can serve your family for decades. If your kitchen dreams are bigger than your budget, it is important to make smart choices as to where to save and where to splurge.

If you are tired of your lackluster kitchen, then go ahead and make a few changes over the weekend. Remember, giving your kitchen a new look doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Use these ideas to give your kitchen a dashing revamp without putting a hole in your wallet.

Paint your kitchen cabinets

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of creating a new look is by painting your kitchen cabinets.

If you have plain white walls, a splash of color is exactly what your kitchen needs. If your cabinets are looking dab, you can spruce them up with a fresh layer of paint.

Update your lighting

Extravagant lighting fixtures can be costly. But if you can’t afford them, you can always go for the inexpensive ones.

Stylish new pendant lights can become the new focal point of the room. They’re stylish, beautiful and most importantly, they won’t break the bank.

Upgrade accessories

You may not be able to swap out those horrible cabinets but that doesn’t mean that you can’t transform your kitchen from a space you dislike into space you truly adore.

If you are on a tight budget, it is important to make the most out of the little details like kitchen accessories. Open counters and shelves are a great opportunity to practice the art of display. Display pantry items with pretty packaging or prop up a few wooden boards on your counter.

Add new curtains

If you wish to save money, you can buy the fabric and sew new window dressing yourself. To keep your kitchen up-to-date, make sure to choose the fabric with solid colors or a simple, timeless print. 

Home Staging Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Sale

When preparing your house for sale, it is important to stage it to bring out the best in your home. In today’s competitive market, you need all the advantage you can get to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Your goal is to help them envision themselves living in that house. But sometimes,

Here are 4 home staging mistakes that can sabotage your sale.

Over-staging your space

We understand that you want your house look its best. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with the decorations.

Less is more is the mantra you should keep in mind when staging your home. Try to get rid of as much items personal belongings as you can. This way, potential buyers can see how big of a storage space you have, not how much stuff you have in there. Also, the more furniture you have, the more cramped and cluttered the house will look.

Dark rooms

Dark walls can create drama and ambiance. However, this won’t work in a small space. Dark walls, tend to absorb light; thus, making the room look smaller than it actually is. Nothing puts off a potential buyer than a small and cramped space.

Make your room look more spacious by painting the walls a lighter color. White, beige, light gray, and blue are great options for small rooms. Clever use of colors can trick the eye into thinking a room is more expansive than it is. Also, keep the curtains and window treatments open during the day to get more natural light in.

Being too safe

Neutral colors are great since they appeal to a wider audience. However, that doesn’t mean that everything should be white, beige, cream or ivory.

When staging, you want your house to look appealing and attractive. Your goal is to make potential buyers to love it. Otherwise, you are less likely to see an offer on your home. We’re not suggesting that you go crazy on the color scheme, but try to add some pops of color into your home. Feel free to add some brightly colored pillows, carpet, vases etc.

Pushing all the furniture against the wall

Although it’s a common layout option, try to resist the urge to push all the furnitures against the wall, especially if you’re restricted on space. This will make a small living room look more cramped. No matter how small your living space is, make sure that you place the furniture a few feet from the walls.

For large living rooms, pushing the sofas against the wall will be a problem since the seating area will have to be spread too thin. If you have a guest, then you’ll have to converse with them from 15 feet away, which is kind of awkward. Try to arrange the furniture in a way that conversations can be made without shouting across the room or craning their neck.

Home Staging Secrets to Draw Buyers In

Selling their property fast and for top dollar is a dream most sellers share. In order to achieve that goal, you need to create a warm, attractive house that potential buyers can call their home.

Here are 4 home staging secrets you can use to draw buyers in and sell your house fast.

Less is more

When staging your home for sale, less is more. As you prepare to put your house on the market, we suggest that you pack up your things and get rid of all the things you no longer use or need. The same goes with your furniture.

You don’t need a lot of furniture to make your home attractive. In fact, it does the opposite. Too much stuff will make your house look smaller and cramped. Whisk away some of your furniture and just leave a few core pieces behind. The house will look more spacious and organized this way.

Make it bigger

Let’s face it. Not all of us live in a big house. Some are having a hard time fitting all their belongings in a small space. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make a room appear bigger.

To create the illusion of spaciousness, opt for a lighter colored wall and flooring. Another option is to put some shelves near the ceiling. Not only will it provide additional storage space, it also draws the eyes upward; thus, making the room look bigger than it really is.

Home lighting

Proper lighting plays a huge role in the comfort and liveability of your interior space. Lighting also has an effect on the perceived size of the room. In fact, rooms that aren’t well lit feel smaller and cramped. No one wants to live in a house with dark and cramped rooms.

Find ways to bring in full-spectrum lighting to your interior space. Clean the windows and pull back the curtains. Let as much natural light in. Also, increase the wattage in your lamps and light fixtures. Remember, great lighting makes a staged home look warm and welcoming.

Use color creatively

Colors, when used correctly, can liven up your house. So don’t be afraid to incorporate colors into your interiors. You can paint an accent wall to breathe life into your living room. Another option is to add some accessories for a pop of color. From decorative pillows to art pieces, accessorizing will make your house look more attractive.  Make sure, though, that you paint the walls a neutral color.

Tips for a Successful Bathroom Renovation

Is your bathroom in dire need of a makeover? A good renovation can transform your bathroom from a boring, dated box into a dreamy spa-like bathroom.

Here are some tips for a successful bathroom renovation.

Have a plan before you start

Evaluate your existing bathroom and try to visualize your dream bath. Develop a clear idea about what you want to achieve with the renovation. Make a list of the features you want and what you want to change in your bathroom.

Set a budget

A bathroom renovation can be expensive. As such, it is important determine how much you are willing to spend before you begin.

Now that you have an idea what you want to do with your bathroom, it’s time to do some research and determine if you have set a realistic budget. If not, now would be the best time to make certain adjustments. Without a budget in mind, it can be easy to overspend. Don’t send money down the drain in your bathroom remodel.

Know which splurges are worth it

Survey reveals that a mid-range bathroom remodel may cost about $18,000; while an upscale renovation may set you back about $75,000. Unfortunately, homeowners only recoup about 55% to 65% of its cost at resale. That said, it is best to stay within budget during the renovation process. The good news is that you can give your bathroom a luxurious feel without going broke.

Spend money on something you absolutely love. Opt for that deep soaker tub you’re eager to relax in after a long day at work. Save money by choosing more economical flooring material. Instead of installing natural tiles, use porcelain tiles instead. Some tiles mimic the look of natural stone. You’ll get the look you want without spending a huge sum of money.

Plan a lighting scheme

In a bathroom remodelling project, most people tend to focus on tub, toilet, vanity, and tiles. While these things play a big role on the functionality and appeal of your bathroom, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having a well-lit room.

A lot of people are spending more time in the bathroom. Proper lighting is essential to create a space that is not only relaxing, but safe as well.

How to Stage Your Home During the Winter Months

Selling a house is no walk in the park. It becomes even more challenging if you decide to sell your house in winter. If you live in an area where it gets snows, you need extra effort to make sure your house looks attractive to potential buyers.

Use these tips when staging your home for the winter season.

Make curb appeal a top priority

Now that all the leaves have fallen, potential buyers have a clearer view of your home. Make your house look cozy and inviting by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Adding a new doormat, house number, and hardware can also make a big difference. Also, keep your lawn looking neat. Don’t forget to illuminate the way to your front door.

Shovel the snow and keep your driveways and walkways salted and free of snow. There is no point in beautifying your home if potential buyers are afraid to walk on the sidewalk or step on the porch.

Decorate for the holidays

Most people who are looking at houses in winter are serious buyers. Many of them are looking to settle in their new home before Christmas. Putting up some holiday decorations can help stir the holiday spirit. So go ahead and decorate the house for the holidays, but don’t overdo it. Too many ornaments can crowd your home and distract buyers.

A few subtle touches like a wreath, a bowl of pinecones, some Christmas stockings, and a pot of cider simmering on your stove can create a warm and festive feeling in your home.

Give each room a warm touch

Accessorize your home with rugs, pillows and art. Use accessories with warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red. These colors are often associated with warmth, heat, and fire, so they’ll make the room look and feel warm and cozy.

Crank up the heat

Give potential buyers a reason to linger for little bit longer. Pump up that thermostat to ensure that they stay warm and comfortable. If you have a fireplace, then go ahead and light a fire.

4 Simple Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Room

People prefer to live in a space that capitalizes on natural light. In fact, most homebuyers search for homes that are spacious and have adequate lighting. Not only will it make the house look bright, it will also affect your mood in a positive way.

Unfortunately, not all rooms in the house have adequate day lighting. Insufficient natural light is common in rooms that face north, basement, hallways and powder rooms. The absence of natural light makes these rooms look dark and cramped. Luckily, there are things you can do to brighten up a dark room.

Whether you live in a small apartment with only one window or a large home with a dark interior, these tips will help brighten up your space. Use these tips to make your space sunnier in an instant.

Here are 4 simple ways to brighten up a dark room.

Choose paint colors wisely

Choosing a paint color for your walls can be a daunting task. It becomes even more challenging when choosing paint for spaces that lack natural lighting.

Light, neutral colors like white, tan, gray, and mushroom can brighten up a dark room. They provide a contrast if you have dark wood furnitures, doors or wood floors. They reflect artificial light luminously without the risk of overpowering the space.

Clean windows

This is one of the simplest ways to brighten up a dark room. If your windows are extra dirty, you may want to use a diluted vinegar solution to clean your windows.

Combine an equal part of water and vinegar and transfer it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto your window and wipe with a clean cloth. This is an easy and inexpensive solution to a lack of natural light in your home. Always keep your windows clean to let natural light shine through your home.

Rethink window treatments

Heavy, light-blocking window treatments often absorb precious natural light. Let light pass through more easily with sheer or translucent window treatments. They’ll provide privacy during the day while allowing natural light to enter your home.

Place mirrors strategically

Placing mirrors will not make a room brighter on its own. What they do is, they reflect more natural light into your space. When placed strategically, mirrors can really brighten up a space. To maximize the light, place a mirror directly across the window. Not only will it radiate light around a room, it will also visually expand a room so that it appears bigger.

4 Features That Will Help Your House Sell Fast

Selling a house isn’t as easy as putting a for sale sign in your front yard. If you want to sell fast and get top dollar, you need to make sure that your house is in mint condition. If you’d like to make your home more appealing to buyers, it makes sense to tackle some remodelling projects before putting your home on the market.

In order to make the most out of your remodelling budget, you need to focus on the right features that will increase the value of your home and sell your house faster.

Updated kitchen

The kitchen is a major focal point for most buyers. Homebuyers aren’t just looking for a beautiful kitchen, they want a modern kitchen that hits the latest trends.

The trendiest kitchens have open shelving, a large island that doubles as an eating space, open floor plan that allows them to cook and entertain guests at the same time, and modern appliances. Homebuyers want a house that is worth what they are paying for.

Hardwood floor

Today’s homebuyers are looking for a house with hardwood floors. In fact, some buyers are even willing to dish out an extra $2,000 for hardwood flooring.

Wood flooring gives off a classic look that never goes out of style. It adds warmth and character to the property. Most importantly, it adds value to your home. The good news is that you don’t need to install wood flooring before selling. Most homes have hardwood floors installed beneath the carpet. All you need to do is to get rid of the carpet and hire a flooring professional to refinish the wood floor.

Open floor plan

Open floor plan is one of the most popular requests among homebuyers. Not only will it make the house appear more spacious, it also provides more natural light.

With fewer walls, it allows parents to look over their children while they are doing some household chores. The open floor concept is also favored by those who frequently entertain guests. They can entertain their guests while preparing meals.

Ample storage

Most buyers are looking for a house that is bigger than their current home. The kids are growing and they are looking for a place that can accommodate their growing family. That means they also need ample space for their belongings.

If your house is on the smaller side, take advantage of the vertical space to create more storage space. It is also a good idea to invest in furnitures that can double as a storage.

Tips for Staging Your Home for the Fall Season

Fall is one of the best times of the year to sell your home. The kids have already gone back to school. Most families have returned from their summer vacations, and people aren’t busy yet for the holidays.

Staging your home is one of the most important steps of the selling process. It allows potential buyers to see the property’s true potential. This also makes it easier for them to envision themselves living in that house.

Use these staging tips to help you sell your home faster and for top dollar.

Warm up your walls

Fall is the best time to give your home the seasonal refresh it needs. One of the best ways to revive your home’s interior is by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Paint your home with shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red to reflect the warm colors of autumn. Whether your want some subtle color or something a little more eye-catching, fall colors will do the trick.

Less is more

Fall is a great time to redecorate your home. Now that winter is fast approaching, a lot of people are taking steps to make their home warm, cozy and inviting. Some would go all out on the throw pillows, pile on the plaid and display vases of fall foliage throughout their home.

While it is a good idea to add some autumnal touches to your home, having too much decors can take the focus out of the house and its best features. Try not to go overboard with the decorations. Remember, less is more when decorating your home.

Let the natural light in

Fall is officially upon us. Before you know it, winter season and freezing temperatures are on their way. When the weather is cold and the sky is dark and cloudy, we tend to feel more tired and depressed. As such, getting the most out of that natural light is vital.

Often, natural light is trapped by the windows. Avoid heavy, light-blocking window treatments. Instead, use window treatments and curtains that are made of lightweight fabrics and light colors. They’ll help bring natural light in while still giving your privacy. Don’t forget to clean your windows as well.


Tips to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Your outdoor space can be used in a lot of ways. In fact, most homeowners would look at their empty or cluttered outdoor space and think of how to use the space in the best way possible. Many of them would envision turning it into a garden, entertainment space, outdoor kitchen, playground or a pool.

If your balcony, lanai, garden or outdoor nook is bare or has tons of weeds and dry leaves, your outdoor space may be in need of a makeover. Summer would be the perfect time to tackle some home improvement projects.

Here are some tips to perk up your outdoor living space. Make the most of your balcony or garden space with these ideas.

Power wash your home’s exterior

If the paint on your home’s exterior still looks good, it is a good idea to pressure wash your house to get rid of dirt and mildew. If you want a truly clean house, then this is the way to go.

You want to make sure that the bottom area of your house siding is clear of bushes. This way, you can pressure clean this area. Also, clear the area – remove all the toys, tools etc – to avoid tripping over them. Wear safety rated sunglasses to avoid eye injury.

Never use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder. This is a safety risk. The pressure from the equipment may cause you to lose balance and fall.

Create a dining or entertainment area

This summer, wouldn’t it be nice to sit on the balcony or the garden when you want to take a break from household chores or other tasks. It would be the perfect place to entertain friends while connecting with nature. You can invite your friends over for a barbecue party or just have dinner with your family outdoors.

Create a wonderful dining area for you and your family outside the house. If you have enough space, consider adding a countertop next to the grill. Use natural materials like slate, granite or stone to create a kitchen-like environment and make outdoor cooking more enjoyable.

Add a fire source

A fireplace draws people. It encourages family and friends to gather around. It exudes coziness and offers warmth and light. The same is true in your outdoor living space. Consider adding a firepit or a fireplace to your outdoor space. This will instantly turn your patio into a gathering place.

Outdoor lighting

Having good lighting can really improve your outdoor space. With proper positioning, outdoor lighting can really enhance the look of your home. They can also improve the functionality of your yard and present a cared-for impression to the entire neighborhood.

A well-lit yard presents a feeling of security. This makes it easier for you to navigate the walkways, driveways and entry way safely. The more lights you have, the safer your outdoor areas will be.


Tips for Decorating Small Apartments

Living in a small space can be tough. There is limited storage space, and your home can look cluttered easily. Decorating is also a challenge, especially when your decorating options are limited by landlord laws and rental rules.

Here are some tips for decorating small apartments.


Most rental apartments prohibit you from painting the walls. To add a splash of color and personality to your apartment, invest in colourful accessories. Pillow cases, curtains, vases, candles, plants and flowers will immediately transform the look of your home and make the space feel cozy. Don’t be afraid to go bold with a deep, rich hue.

Cover furniture

Investing in new furniture is expensive. If your furniture looks old and dated, but you don’t have the budget to buy new ones, we suggest that you cover them instead. Slipcover chairs are cheap, and are available in different colors and styles. Choose something that would complement with your interiors.

Replace lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of the room. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t give it much thought. Consider replacing lighting fixtures with scones, chandelier or pendants. This may seem like a minor detail, but you’ll notice how it affects the look and feel of your home. It’s a quick transformation that’s super high impact.

Add area rugs

Area rugs are a great way to conceal old and unsightly flooring. They also add a pop of color and define areas within a space.

Area rugs are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. Since the walls are bare, consider choosing area rugs in bold colors or patterns. They are considered artworks for the floor, and will make your living space more sophisticated.

Embrace under the bed storage

If you live in a small space, odds are you don’t have enough space to store your things. One of the best places to store some of your stuff would be under the bed. This will reduce the amount of clutter while making sure that you keep important things inside your home.